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Medici Atlanta Columna vertebral y dolor: Marietta ASC

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Medici Atlanta Spine & Pain: Marietta ASC is located in Marietta, Georgia. BEST Health System is proud to partner with the team at Medici Spine & Pain to bring advanced chronic pain treatment to patients in Marietta and the surrounding communities. 

At our Marietta ASC, our providers focus on the treatment of chronic conditions such as painful diabetic neuropathy, failed back surgery syndrome, and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). We understand that these chronic conditions are often overlooked in medical settings, making us passionate about making treatment more accessible. 

Our team specializes in spinal cord stimulator treatment, which helps patients find relief from debilitating chronic pain. Treatment at our ASC offers a more comfortable alternative to traditional hospital care. 

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Sonny Dosanjh, MD

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Medici Atlanta Columna Vertebral y Dolor