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Autonomic Neuropathy

Damage to nerves that control autonomic bodily functions such as blood sugar, blood pressure, digestion, heart rate, or bowel movements.

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Peripheral Neuropathy

Nerve damage that is focused on the outside of the brain and near the peripheral nerves also known as the spinal cord. This can impact hand and feet circulation, and create weakness, numbness, or pain.

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Proximal Neuropathy

Proximal neuropathy is a rare form of neuropathy that occurs when the nerves in your hips, thighs, or buttocks are damaged. It usually only affects one side of your body. Although only seen in rare cases, it can spread to both sides.

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Diabetic Neuropathy 

Neuropathy due to a diabetic condition that causes high blood sugar (glucose), which can lead to damaged blood vessels and nerves over time.

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Focal Neuropathy

Also known as mononeuropathy, this is a rare form of neuropathy that affects single nerves, most often in your hand, head, torso, or leg.

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