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Why Have Your MRI at BEST?

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is the first step that we often take here at BEST when approaching diagnostics for many of our patients. An MRI is typically part of the evaluation process for patients dealing with chronic pain who wish to undergo surgery. An accurate diagnosis can be made using this detailed imaging, allowing surgeons to determine whether a specific operation might be effective for a particular condition, or the extent of treatment needed.

At BEST we have state-of-the-art MRI equipment.

At BEST Surgery & Therapies we have the latest technology using the Magnetom Area MRI system. Our scanner provides the most advanced imaging technology for patients when they need an MRI. From quality care to five-star treatment, your patients deserve the BEST.

Our Magnetom Area MRI System

  • 50% higher productivity with Tim 4G and Dot. 
  • Faster acquisition and exam time.
  • Full range of applications for the clinical routine and research.
  • High patient comfort with 70 cm Open Bore and ultra-short system design.
  • High-resolution imaging.
  • Holds up to 250 kg/550 lb to accommodate more patients.
  • Optimized comfort for immobile patients.

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BEST offers patients an experience unique from traditional healthcare practices. BEST does this through the use of cutting-edge treatments, procedures, diagnostics, and imaging technology. Whether you are already a patient of BEST or if you are looking for an imaging and diagnostics center for an MRI, BEST can help.

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