Estenosis espinal: causas y tratamiento

What is Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal canal begins to narrow and compresses the nerves in the spinal cord. While this condition can be due to natural aging, spinal stenosis can also be caused by a degenerative spine condition.

In order to accurately diagnose the spinal stenosis cause, it is necessary for you to consult your physician to reach a diagnosis. You will then collaborate with your physician to create a specific treatment plan.

Si le han diagnosticado una afección degenerativa de la columna o tiene motivos para creer que tiene una afección degenerativa de la columna, revise la siguiente información sobre cómo las condiciones degenerativas de la columna contribuyen a la estenosis espinal.

Condiciones degenerativas de la columna

Las condiciones degenerativas de la columna vertebral ocurren con la pérdida gradual de la función normal de la columna con el tiempo. Las causas de la estenosis espinal incluyen la edad, infección, lesión u otros sucesos que amenazan la integridad de la columna.

Hay varias condiciones de la columna vertebral que causan una degeneración gradual de la columna, lo que resulta en el estrechamiento del canal espinal. Algunas de las afecciones degenerativas de la columna vertebral más comunes son las siguientes:

  • Enfermedad degenerativa del disco is the gradual deterioration of a disc or discs due to general aging or injury. When an intervertebral disc wears down, disc material can enter the small spaces in the spinal canal where nerve roots are located. The nerve roots impacted by the disc material will cause local and radiating pain.
  • discos abultados son discos intervertebrales que se han deformado. Estos discos pueden sobresalir en el canal espinal y hacer que se estreche. Las raíces nerviosas pueden comprimirse y puede producirse dolor.
  • espolones óseos, often the result of osteoarthritis, are small growths on the vertebrae or joints of the spine. They may develop as joints in the spinal column deteriorate. Bone spurs can grow into the spinal canal, narrowing the open space in the spinal canal and pressing on the nerve roots.
  • Discos herniados son discos intervertebrales que se han abierto o roto debido al desgaste o lesión. El material del disco y el líquido de los discos herniados pueden hacer que el canal espinal se estreche e impacte en las raíces nerviosas locales.

The most common location of degenerative spine conditions and spinal stenosis is in the lumbar (lower back) portion of the spine. This is because the lumbar spine is responsible for supporting most of the body’s weight. As the natural aging process occurs, more weight will compress the vertebrae and discs in the lumbar, causing a degenerative spine condition to develop.

Tratamiento de la estenosis espinal

Patients who have spinal stenosis caused by a degenerative spine condition may experience pain relief with our minimally invasive stabilization surgery. At BEST Health System, we offer an effective alternative to traditional open-back fusion. We perform our procedures in an outpatient surgery center. This eliminates additional hospital stay and will allow you to return home the same day of your surgery.

During our minimally invasive stabilization surgery, the surgeon will cut a small, 1-inch incision at the location of your spine condition. The surrounding muscles and soft tissue will not be cut or disturbed in order to access the spine. Our advanced, minimally invasive techniques allow our surgeons to move aside the surrounding muscle without cutting through them to reach the spine. Our surgeons will then decompress the affected nerve by removing either the bone spur or the expanded disc. This will depend on the spine condition that is causing the spinal stenosis. Once the diseased portion of the spine is removed, an implant will be inserted to immediately stabilize the spine. This will help prevent future narrowing of the spinal canal.

For more information about our procedures, contact BEST Health System. Our multidisciplinary team will help you develop the right care plan to achieve lasting relief.

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BEST Health System specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery that is a more effective alternative to traditional open back procedures. It offers many benefits such as less risk of infection and no lengthy recovery. For more information on how BEST can help you find relief from chronic neck and back pain, póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy