Jeffrey Shall, M.D.

Neuropathy Specialist & Spine and Orthopaedic Surgeon


Dr. Jeffrey Shall is a board-certified orthopaedic and spine surgeon who is a part of BEST Health System located at Innovative Spine & Orthopedics. During his childhood, Dr. Shall worked on a horse farm where he developed his love for medicine. During his career, Dr. Shall has worked to become a leader in the medical field. He was one of the first surgeons to begin performing minimally invasive stabilization procedures. He specializes in fractures, dislocations, derangement, sprains of the spine, intervertebral disc degeneration and herniation, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis.

Shall completed his residency training at Mt. Sinai Medical Center after graduating from The Ohio State University Medical School. The spine surgery fellowship with Dr. John Collils was completed in 1992. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and a fellow of the North American Spine Society.

In addition to pursuing excellence in his professional life, he enjoys spending time with his children and teaching them about his favorite hobbies such as motorcycling and skiing. His children are his greatest source of joy.

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