Bulging Disc – How to Avoid a Reoccurrence

An Overview of Bulging Disc

Bulging disc symptoms can make day-to-day life difficult and if you manage to get them under control the last thing you want to do is suffer through a recurrence. Fortunately, there are steps you can take that will help you increase the likelihood that your back pain is a thing of the past. 

Most of the time, a disc bulge is the result of constant pressure on a spinal disc that has weakened due to the body’s natural aging process. This pressure can cause the disc’s gel-like inner contents to push against the fibrous outer wall, resulting in a bulge that extends into the spinal canal. If this bulge compresses an adjacent nerve or the spinal cord, symptoms such as radiating pain, muscle weakness, tingling, and numbness can result. 

What You Can Do 

Many individuals experiencing painful bulging disc symptoms are able to find relief by following a treatment plan that strengthens the muscles supporting the spine and reduces the amount of pressure the damaged spinal disc endures. This can be accomplished by undertaking targeted strengthening exercises and a variety of lifestyle modifications. Once these treatments have provided the level of symptom relief you are looking for, it is important that you avoid risk factors that could result in a reoccurrence of bulging disc symptoms, such as:

  • Frequent bending or lifting
  • Using poor posture
  • Gaining excess weight
  • Participating in high-impact sports
  • Using tobacco products
  • Excessive alcohol use

How BEST Health System Can Help

While following these steps can provide you with the best chance of avoiding future neck or back issues, there’s no guarantee that your bulging disc symptoms won’t return. If you’ve exhausted your conservative treatment options and are unable to find lasting relief, you may need to consider surgery. At BEST Health System, we offer minimally invasive surgery to treat bulging discs that use a less than one-inch incision and muscle sparing techniques, eliminating the need for a lengthy recovery period. 

Contact BEST Health System today to learn more about our minimally invasive approach to bulging disc treatment and to find out if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures.