Bulging Disc – How to Cure Lower Back Bulging Disc

If you’ve been diagnosed with a bulging disc in the lower back and you are experiencing debilitating symptoms that are taking away from your enjoyment of daily life, you are probably curious about what your treatment options are. While there is no guaranteed “cure” for bulging discs, there are many different effective methods for treating this condition that can provide the level of symptom relief you desire. 

What Causes a Bulging Disc

In most cases, the underlying cause of a bulging disc is due to deterioration. Healthy spinal discs are elastic and provide cushion for the vertebrae, helping to absorb much of the daily pressure placed on the spine. After many years of serving as natural shock absorbers, spinal discs can weaken and become brittle. When placed under pressure the gel-like inner portion of a disc can press against the disc’s outer wall causing a bulge to form. If the portion of the disc that has extended beyond its normal boundaries comes in contact with an adjacent nerve root or the spinal cord, symptoms such as localized or radiating pain, numbness, muscle spasms, tingling, and muscle weakness can appear. 

What Are My Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of conservative and alternative therapies that have proven effective for many individuals who have experienced the symptoms of a bulging disc in the lower back. Your physician may recommend conservative treatments such as physical therapy, hot and/or cold therapy, and the use of pain and anti-inflammatory medications for several months. You may also wish to incorporate alternative treatments such as massage therapy, pilates, and chiropractic manipulation. 

If your condition doesn’t respond to treatment and your symptoms persist or worsen, it might be time to speak to your doctor about spine surgery. BEST Health System offers minimally invasive spine surgery to treat bulging discs and other degenerative spinal conditions. Contact us today if you would like additional information about the outpatient procedures our board-certified surgeons perform. We can also help you determine if you are a candidate for one of our procedures.