Bulging Disc – Tips to Achieve Relief

Pain from a bulging disc can turn everyday activities, like getting into your car, putting on a jacket, and even walking, into uncomfortable tasks. If you’re ready to find meaningful relief from your symptoms, then there are several methods you can try that don’t involve major surgery or other extensive measures. 

How Can I Overcome Bulging Disc Pain?

It’s important to note that you should always consult with a physician if you begin to experience neck or back pain. The spine is a complex structure with dozens of bones, discs, and nerve roots and not all types of pain can be remedied with at-home care. If a physician has diagnosed you with a bulging disc, then he or she may suggest conservative treatments, such as physical therapy, as well as helpful tips like:

  • Engaging in low-impact exercise and gentle stretching. Too much time spent on the couch while dealing with bulging discs can actually make your symptoms worse. Rest when needed but be sure to incorporate gentle exercise, such as taking brief walks or swimming a few laps, and stretching into your daily routine. This will help strengthen and elongate the muscles that support your spine. 
  • Using hot/cold therapy. Something as simple as taking a warm bath and then using an ice pack can help soothe tense muscles, relieve swelling, and improve circulation around the injured disc. 
  • Trying alternative therapies. With your physician’s approval, combining treatment with alternative approaches, such as yoga, acupuncture, and chiropractic care, may provide faster pain relief and help you feel your best. 

Your physician may also provide you with additional tips based on your unique situation. For example, they may suggest that you lose excess weight, quit smoking, or improve your diet. While these tips alone may not totally eliminate bulging disc pain, they can promote good spinal health and overall wellness. 

Treatment at BEST Health System

BEST Health System offers an alternative to traditional open spine operations to patients who cannot find relief from debilitating symptoms through conservative treatments. Our minimally invasive procedures are performed on an outpatient basis by our board-certified surgeons,  Dr. Girton and Dr. Abbott. When compared to traditional surgery, our minimally invasive procedures involve less risk for complications. 

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