Bulging Disc – What You Should Expect From Surgery

Before you undergo bulging disc surgery, you should take a moment to research what is involved in this procedure. Be sure to speak with your surgical team about any questions you may have. Having a conversation with your surgical team about your concerns and questions will help you feel confident about your upcoming procedure. 

There are different techniques used during the procedure depending on the type of bulging disc surgery you choose to undergo. These techniques can affect how quickly your body recovers after surgery. Minimally invasive procedures at BEST require a shorter recovery time than traditional open-back surgery. Ask your surgical team what types of techniques are being used so you can prepare for your recovery period. 

Techniques Used During Traditional Bulging Disc Surgery

The first type of bulging disc surgery to discuss is traditional open neck or back surgery. This type of surgery is performed in a hospital and often required several nights of hospital stay after the surgery. The reason patients are required to be hospitalized is that this procedure is highly invasive and has an increased risk of complication compared to minimally invasive spine surgery. Therefore patients must be monitored for several days before being allowed to return home. 

Traditional open neck or back bulging disc surgery is performed through a large incision. This usually includes the cutting and sometimes detachment of the large muscles surrounding the spine. Once the damaged disc is reached, a small portion will be removed in order to relieve pressure on the pinched nerve. 

A Minimally Invasive Alternative 

At BEST Health System, we offer minimally invasive, outpatient bulging disc surgery. Patients experience a shorter recovery time and lower risk of complication compared to traditional open neck and back surgery. Our procedures are performed by our board-certified surgeons, Dr. Girton and Dr. Abbott, who are both experts in minimally invasive procedures. Unlike traditional bulging disc surgery, our procedures are performed through a less than 1-inch incision and use muscle-sparing techniques. 

To help find out if you are a candidate for our minimally invasive bulging disc surgery or other procedures, contact us today!