Canal Stenosis – Four Overlooked Remedies

An Overview of Canal Stenosis

If you are searching for meaningful canal stenosis pain relief, you are probably trying a combination of conservative methods. Treatment can include pain medication, physical therapy, hot/cold compresses, and corticosteroid injections. While these treatments are effective for many patients, there are also a number of alternative treatments that are often overlooked. While canal stenosis is not a serious condition in the initial stages, it can lead to serious and permanent damage. However, this normally only happens if it becomes advanced or remains untreated.

Alternative Treatments and How They Can Provide Relief

Alternative treatments are therapies that fall outside of mainstream medicine. Some physicians disagree on the effectiveness of alternative treatments, but many patients have reported finding canal stenosis pain relief through the use of:

  • Massage therapy to relax the muscles around the spine
  • Chiropractic manipulation to realign the spine
  • Herbal remedies to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief
  • Yoga and Pilates to strengthen core muscles

Before you try any alternative treatment for canal stenosis pain relief, be sure to consult your physician to ensure it will not worsen your condition. For example, some patients may be unable to be fit enough to try yoga and pilates and some herbal supplements cannot be taken with other medications. Your physician will be able to inform you about potentially harmful interactions. 

BEST Health System Can Help

Many patients are able to find sufficient canal stenosis pain relief through the use of nonsurgical treatments. Those whose symptoms persist after several weeks or months, however, should consider surgery. One surgical option is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery, which BEST Health System performs. Contact us today to learn about the many advantages of our procedures as compared to traditional open spine surgery and see if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures.