Exploring Conservative Therapies for CRPS

Understanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic condition that is characterized by severe and debilitating pain that typically affects an extremity, such as a hand or foot. Complex regional pain syndrome can be a confusing condition to understand, as it requires knowledge of its complex pathophysiology, which involves dysfunction in the peripheral and central nervous systems. There are a few different reasons why complex regional pain syndrome may occur, including genetic predispositions and nerve injuries. 

BEST Health System is proud to offer advanced care to patients suffering from CRPS and other chronic conditions. Our specialists have worked with countless patients who have expressed the lengths they have had to go to to find a provider who specializes in CRPS. We are proud to put these chronic conditions at the forefront of our practice and prioritize care for these patients. 

Conservative Therapies to Treat CRPS

The goal of conservative therapy is to manage chronic pain and prevent CRPS from worsening. These therapies typically include physical therapy, occupational therapy, hot/cold therapy, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). 

Immediately after diagnosis, doctors will help patients understand their unique condition and will then educate them about the treatment process. Treatment will begin with a combination of conservative therapies as an attempt to avoid the need for surgical intervention. Many patients are able to find significant relief from conservative therapies and can live a comfortable life without ever needing surgery

The Importance of Physical Therapy During CRPS Treatment

Physical therapy is the core of conservative CRPS treatment. This practice is often supplemented with a course of anti-inflammatory pain medications to ensure the patient is comfortable throughout the process. 

The primary goals of physical therapy are to decrease swelling and inflammation in the affected limb, improve strength and endurance, and retrain the nervous system to reduce hypersensitivity and pain. Physical therapists work closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that address their specific needs and tailor interventions accordingly. By incorporating various techniques such as massage, manual therapy, modalities like heat or cold therapy, electrical stimulation, and progressive strengthening exercises into their sessions, physical therapists can help individuals with CRPS regain function and improve their quality of life. 

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