Finding Relief from Neuropathy with the Doctors at BEST

Understanding Neuropathy and the Associated Symptoms

Neuropathy, also referred to as nerve damage, is a fairly common condition that affects a wide range of people for various reasons. There are a number of reasons why patients may develop neuropathy, but it is most commonly the result of an underlying condition such as diabetes, a traumatic injury, or an autoimmune disease. While neuropathy is the umbrella term used to describe nerve damage, it is important to understand that there are various types of neuropathy, each with unique symptoms. 

Peripheral neuropathy is the most common type of neuropathy, and it refers to a condition in which the peripheral nerves of the body are damaged, resulting in tingling and numbness, muscle weakness, and changes in blood pressure or digestion. Diabetic neuropathy is another common type of nerve damage, and it is the type that is commonly identified in patients with diabetes. You may be wondering how diabetes is linked to nerve damage, and it is a result of high blood glucose causing damage to the nerves, resulting in hindered messages to the brain. Other types of neuropathy include autonomic, focal, proximal, inflammatory, and more. 

The medical professionals at BEST Health System understand that each case of neuropathy comes with unique symptoms, therefore requiring unique treatment. BEST patients undergo diagnostic testing and a review of their health history so our doctors can help them find relief from neuropathy. 

How the Doctors at BEST Can Help You Find Relief From Neuropathy

At BEST, our team of highly skilled doctors is dedicated to helping you find effective relief from neuropathy. With years of experience and expertise in the pain management field, our doctors understand the complexities of this condition and are committed to providing personalized treatments tailored to patients’ specific needs. 

Through a comprehensive evaluation process, we delve into the underlying causes of the patient’s neuropathy, ensuring an accurate diagnosis that forms the foundation for targeted treatment strategies. Drawing on a range of advanced techniques and therapies, such as nerve blocks, physical therapy, and medication management, our doctors work collaboratively with you to alleviate pain, reduce symptoms, and enhance your overall quality of life. 

Finding Relief From Neuropathy with Spinal Cord Stimulators

For neuropathy patients, the associated pain is closely attached to the damaged nerves. Although patients did not necessarily suffer an injury, the nerve damage may cause pain that indicates an injury. Therefore, neuropathy treatment revolves around pain management and helping patients live a comfortable life despite their neuropathy diagnosis. 

Spinal cord stimulators are a promising treatment option for neuropathy, offering new hope to patients who have been struggling with chronic pain. By delivering electrical impulses directly to the spinal cord, these devices can help modulate pain signals and provide relief for individuals suffering from neuropathic symptoms. The medical potential of spinal cord stimulators lies in their ability to target specific areas of the spine, offering a personalized approach to treatment. 

The board-certified doctors at BEST Health System are dedicated to helping patients find relief from various forms of neuropathy. Are you looking for specialized doctors who focus their work on pain management? BEST has the treatment program for you. 

Treatment Options with BEST Health System

BEST Health System is a modern healthcare provider helping patients with neuropathy and chronic pain. We understand that these conditions are often overlooked during treatment, and it is our goal to change that. We have clinics located throughout Ohio, and we are eager to connect with more patients who could benefit from our neuropathy solutions program. Connect with one of our patient care coordinators today to get started on your path to recovery.