Foraminal Stenosis – Why You Shouldn’t Hold Off Treatment

Foraminal Stenosis Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed with foraminal stenosis – the narrowing of the nerve root exit between vertebrae – you are likely anxious to get started on treatment to overcome your spine condition. But what happens if you don’t follow your treatment plan or you decide to put it off for a while? With exceptions, treatment for a degenerative spine condition is usually voluntary. However, there are a few dangers of neglecting treatment. You should fully consider these before making the decision to delay addressing your condition. 

Here’s What Your Up Against

When you don’t treat foraminal stenosis, you should be aware that these outcomes are possible:

  1. Your symptoms won’t get any better. This is the primary effect of not treating your condition. The chances that symptoms will improve on their own without taking active steps to treat them are very low. 
  2. You could do nerve damage. In some cases, if you delay the treatment you risk permanently damaging the nerves housed within the foramen. Your physician should be able to give you a better idea of how serious your condition is, but it can be difficult to predict when and if nerve damage can occur
  3. Your lifestyle can be permanently affected. When patients elect to hold off on foraminal stenosis treatment, they don’t realize their decision and how the condition has already affected their lifestyle. Too often people sacrifice doing things they love because of their pain.

Why Not Explore Your Treatment Options?

One of the reasons that some people avoid foraminal stenosis treatment is due to the fear they might need surgery and are afraid of the potential risk and lengthy recovery associated with open spine surgery. At BEST Health System, however, we offer an alternative with our minimally invasive procedures which we perform on an outpatient basis. To learn more about our revolutionary approach to spine treatment and determine if you might be a candidate for our procedures, contact us today.