How is Spinal Cord Stimulator Treatment Different with BEST?

Choosing the Right Provider for Spinal Cord Stimulator Surgery

Finding a trusted provider who performs spinal cord stimulation surgery can be challenging. This procedure is technically intricate, requiring thorough training and a complete understanding of the nervous system and nerve damage. When looking for a provider, you will want to consider factors such as the provider’s reputation, patient outcomes, and success rates with similar cases. Before committing to a certain provider, patients should do sufficient research on nearby doctors and explore their options to find an experienced provider who has vast experience working with patients with neuropathy or another chronic pain condition. 

To perform this surgery effectively, surgeons must possess a thorough understanding of spinal anatomy and neurophysiology, as well as specialized training in neuromodulation techniques. Additionally, precise placement of the device is crucial to ensure optimal pain management outcomes while minimizing potential risks and complications. The intricate nature of spinal cord stimulator surgery requires meticulous attention to detail, exceptional surgical skills, and a comprehensive knowledge of nerve function, making it a complex procedure that demands expertise from healthcare professionals.

Patient Experiences with BEST Doctors

BEST Health System is known for its premier chronic pain management programs that help patients recover from chronic diseases. From neuropathy to complex regional pain syndrome, our in-demand specialists are highly trained and have helped thousands of patients find relief. 

Why hear it from us when you can hear from our valued patients?

I endured 15 yrs. of debilitating sciatic pain (9 therapies & 5 physicians). Dr. Pyles deeply understands & diagnoses the exact cause of your pain. He performed spinal cord stimulator implant surgery. I was pain-free immediately, it was miraculous! Dr. Pyles demands excellence from his staff, & himself. This is not a pill-pushing clinic. He restored my life. – Paula B.

Real people with real solutions that do help. A Spinal Cord Stimulator has ended YEARS of pain and pills, and I have my life back. I have been in a wheelchair twice, having had both hips replaced and 8 spinal surgeries. There wasn’t much left for me and my future……and then I met Dr. Pyles and his staff. Now, I can walk some, sleep through the night, and I got my life back. – Kevin P.

Understanding How Spinal Cord Stimulators Work

Spinal cord stimulators (SCS) are implantable devices that work by delivering electrical impulses to the spinal cord, specifically targeting the nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain. These devices consist of a small pulse generator that is implanted under the skin, typically in the lower back area, and connected to thin wires with electrodes that are placed along the spinal cord. Patients can use their external remote to control the level of pulses depending on their needs at the time. 

How to Determine if Spinal Cord Stimulator Treatment is Right for You

Before considering SCS surgery or any other surgical procedure, patients are typically first encouraged to try out conservative efforts including hot/cold therapy, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory pain medications. If these treatments do not provide patients with sufficient relief, they may consider a spinal cord stimulator trial. 

SCS Device Trial with BEST Health System

BEST Health System offers spinal cord stimulator trials to patients who suffer from debilitating chronic pain. At BEST, we understand how difficult it can be to determine which treatment path is best for your unique condition. While some patients can find relief using conservative therapies, further treatment is often necessary.

Spinal cord stimulator trials allow patients to test out the device and see how it addresses their pain. While many patients can find significant relief from these devices, this is not always the case. BEST Health System offers trials because we want to ensure our patients are confident with their surgical plans. 

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