Identifying Early Signs of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Importance of Early Detection and Treatment for Better Outcomes

When it comes to managing your health, paying close attention to your physical and mental well-being is of the utmost importance. Recognizing warning signs can be difficult, but is necessary for prompt diagnosis and treatment. Most cases of diabetic neuropathy develop gradually, meaning it can be difficult to identify the signs at first. However, if you have diabetes and are proactively paying attention to your health, there are a few ly signs you can look out for. 

Early diagnosis offers a variety of benefits to the patient’s complete treatment journey. Although neuropathy cannot be reversed, patients can manage it through lifestyle changes and functional treatments to manage pain. This means that patients can prevent the nerve pain from significantly worsening over time. 

BEST Health System is a modern ambulatory clinic specializing in functional medicine and pain management. Our board-certified team of medical professionals understands how debilitating chronic conditions can get. Therefore, we are motivated to help our patients find effective pain relief so they can return to a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Risk Factors that Increase the Likelihood of Developing Diabetic Neuropathy

While there may not be a guidebook on avoiding a disease like diabetic neuropathy, there are a few known ways patients can take control of their health. Most predominately, lifestyle changes are a common way to improve health and prevent conditions from worsening. Improving your diet, exercising more, working on your sleep pattern, and limiting drinking are small changes that can help patients manage diabetes. In turn, these changes can also help patients prevent their neuropathy from worsening. Diabetic neuropathy develops as the result of high blood sugar damaging the small blood vessels. By engaging in healthy habits, patients can manage their blood sugar more, ultimately preventing neuropathy from spreading. 

How to Self-Monitor and Recognize Early Signs

Although self-diagnosing neuropathy is difficult and never recommended, there are a few key signs you can look out for. These signs can also help you identify the correct time to visit your doctor. Significant warning signs include burning, tingling, and numbness in the extremities. Other potential indicators include sensitivity to touch, balance problems, as well as issues with digestion such as bloating, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea.

Neuropathy Solutions with BEST Health System 

If you recognize any of these signs, it is important to consult your doctor to ensure you come to a diagnosis early. BEST Health System offers diagnostic and treatments to patients suffering from painful diabetic neuropathy. Our pain management specialists, Dr. Staggs and Dr. Shall, help patients find an effective treatment plan for their neuropathy. 

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