Neuropathy Help with BEST Health System

How Does Neuropathy Impact Someone’s Daily Life

Patients with neuropathy suffer from very severe symptoms that can be difficult to manage at home. Persistent pain and tingling sensations experienced in the affected limbs can hinder mobility, making simple tasks like walking or grasping objects a strenuous endeavor. This physical limitation often leads to decreased independence and a heightened reliance on assistive devices such as crutches or wheelchairs. Additionally, neuropathy can cause muscle weakness and coordination issues, impairing one’s ability to engage in activities requiring fine motor skills or participation in sports or recreational activities. The pain also frequently disrupts sleep patterns, resulting in fatigue and added difficulty concentrating throughout the day.

BEST  Health System is a modern ambulatory center offering premium solutions for neuropathy. Since neuropathy affects almost every part of the body, it can be a difficult condition to address through treatment. Therefore, the board-certified professionals at BEST Health System are dedicated to working closely with patients to determine their symptoms and find effective approaches.

BEST Health System and Our Approach to Neuropathy Treatment

BEST Health System employs experienced pain management doctors who have worked with patients who suffer from severe nerve damage. Our approach to neuropathy treatment involves beginning with conservative therapies and introducing new treatments based on improvement. 

Oftentimes, patients with neuropathy can find significant relief from certain medications such as Gabapentin and Pregabalin. Doctors recommend these medications to patients who have peripheral neuropathy – a type of neuropathy that affects the peripheral nervous system. However, the effectiveness of this medication is relatively low, and the side effects are somewhat extensive. Now, patients are looking for an alternative nerve pain treatment that does not come with a list of side effects. 

The Use of Spinal Cord Stimulators for Nerve Pain

BEST Health System is the leader in spinal cord stimulator treatment for neuropathy pain. Our advanced spinal cord stimulator program offers patients the opportunity to try the devices before committing to surgical implantation. We do this because we understand that medical-related decisions are difficult to make, and we hope this option eases patients’ hesitations about trying spinal cord stimulation. 

The spinal cord stimulator system is comprised of three main components: a battery-powered generator, electrodes implanted near the spinal cord, and an external remote control for patients to adjust stimulation settings. Once surgically placed, this device creates a soothing tingling sensation that masks or replaces the patient’s pain perception, leading to improved quality of life and reduced reliance on medications. 

BEST Health System

It is the BEST Health System goal to connect patients with doctors who put their patients first. Regardless of what phase of your neuropathy treatment process you are in, BEST is here to help you find relief. 80% of patients who undergo treatment for a spinal cord stimulator report up to 50% relief from their chronic nerve pain. Are you suffering from severe neuropathy symptoms? Connect with the BEST team today to learn more about how our treatment programs can help you.