Preventing Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

What is FBSS?

Individuals considering spinal surgery who are concerned about failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) should note that FBSS may be prevented. Accurate diagnosis is fundamental to preventing all surgical complications, including FBSS. Failed back surgery syndrome is a term that describes the outcome of one or more spinal operations that have not successfully relieved a patient of symptoms.

While surgery involves putting your trust in the hands of a surgeon, patients can also take steps to ensure a successful outcome. Patients should educate themselves with the assistance of healthcare professionals concerning potential risks, benefits, and alternative treatments for their condition. Except in the most severe cases, surgery is elective and should not be rushed into. There is always time to do thorough research to ensure a particular procedure is the right option. The following information can help you better work with your doctor or specialist to ensure a return to normal, healthy activity.

Common Causes of FBSS

FBSS can take many different forms. It may present as a return of chronic symptoms, reduced mobility, increased levels of pain, or the inability to recuperate fully. Causes also vary and can include the following:

  • Initial misdiagnosis
  • Formation of scar tissue after surgery
  • Nerve damage or muscle trauma during surgery
  • Rejection of hardware from spinal fusions or prosthetics from artificial disc replacement

Prevention Methods

Any surgical procedure always carries some risk of complication. However, being an active participant in your treatment by taking the following steps can dramatically increase your chances of preventing this condition:

  • Get multiple opinions on your diagnosis
  • Elect the least invasive procedure possible to treat your condition
  • Fully explore and exhaust conservative treatment methods before considering spine surgery
  • Follow your post-surgical instructions exactly
  • Become mobile and active as soon as possible after your procedure

Treatment with BEST

At BEST Health System, we believe in finding patients find the least invasive treatment option. In many cases, patients can find relief for FBSS through conservative therapies. However, sometimes surgery is necessary. If you are a candidate for herniated disc surgery or annular tear surgery, BEST is the place to go. Our board-certified surgeons specialize in minimally-invasive surgery techniques that allow patients to leave with less scarring and enjoy a shorter recovery. Contact BEST today for more information.