Physical Therapy Programs

Physical Therapy and Rehab

Whether used during basic therapy or surgical rehabilitation, physical therapy programs are designed to help patients improve mobility and increase strength. By using a combination of exercises and hands-on techniques, physical therapists work to promote better function and long-term health. The exact nature of a physical therapy program will vary depending on the age of the patient, their injury or condition, and specific recovery goals. 

We’re providing the following information to help people learn about the full range of treatment options available. The team at BEST Health System is here to help and if you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out at any time.

Physical Therapy Programs Help with these Conditions

Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are widely used and can help during the recovery process of nearly any injury or condition. This is especially true of issues affecting the spine and joints. For example, many problems develop in the spine, hips, and knees due to the immense pressure placed on them during daily activities combined with factors such as posture and weight gain. 

Working with a physical therapist can help to strengthen the muscles around these areas for better support while also improving flexibility and range of motion. This can offer significant relief and improved function for conditions including: 

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Bulging and herniated discs
  • Muscle strains and ligament sprains
  • Failed back surgery syndrome

Physical therapy is also a key part of the rehabilitation and recovery process after most surgeries. To help the body heal properly as well as teach patients how to become active again after often long periods of immobility, physical therapy programs are typically included as part of the recovery plan after surgery.

Physical Therapy Methods

Physical therapists are highly trained medical professionals who are experts in the structure and functioning of the musculoskeletal system. After performing an assessment and reviewing treatment history, therapists can work with a patient to develop a program consisting of active and passive therapies that include: 

  • Therapeutic exercise — Stretches, range-of-motion techniques, and strengthening exercises designed to increase support and improve posture and function.
  • Manual therapies — Hands-on techniques such as joint mobilization and massage to increase blood flow, relax tense muscles, and increase joint mobility.  

Physical Therapy Cost Considerations

The cost for a physical therapy program depends on factors including the type of treatment performed, the length and number of sessions, and insurance coverage. Medicare patients should be aware that physical therapy is an approved form of treatment when ordered by a physician. At BEST Health System, our facilities accept Medicare, most private insurance carriers, workers’ compensation claims, and personal injury cases. We’ll be happy to answer any cost-related questions you have. 

To learn more about physical therapy as part of conservative treatment or post-surgical recovery, contact the dedicated team at BEST Health System today. We’ll help you learn about the full range of therapeutic options available and the conditions we specialize in treating. 

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