Treatment for a Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Diagnosis

What is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

Failed back surgery syndrome, also known as FBSS, is a complex condition that occurs if patients continue to experience debilitating back pain after multiple spine surgeries. This can be a result of an incorrect diagnosis, surgical complications, nerve damage, or scar tissue formation. Regardless of the root cause, FBSS can manifest intense and uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms can vary widely and may include persistent pain in the back, buttocks, legs, or feet, as well as stiffness, weakness, or numbness in the same regions. Additionally, patients with FBSS may suffer from restricted mobility and reduced quality of life. 

BEST Health System is a modern healthcare clinic offering advanced treatments to patients experiencing neuropathy, FBSS, or chronic pain. Our team of board-certified surgeons works closely with patients to help them establish the most effective treatment plan for their specific condition. Continue reading to learn more about failed back surgery treatment with the doctors of BEST Health System. 

Seeking Prompt Treatment After a Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Diagnosis

Prompt treatment after a failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) diagnosis is crucial in managing this complex and debilitating condition. FBSS occurs when prior back surgery fails to alleviate chronic pain or even worsens the symptoms. Seeking immediate medical attention from specialists, such as neurologists or pain management physicians, is essential to address this issue comprehensively. These professionals can evaluate the underlying causes of FBSS, which may include nerve damage, scar tissue formation, or spinal instability. With appropriate diagnostic tests like MRI scans and nerve conduction studies, accurate diagnoses can be made to guide an effective treatment plan. 

Prompt treatment options may encompass medication management targeting neuropathic pain, physical therapy aimed at enhancing functional abilities and reducing inflammation, or minimally invasive procedures for nerve decompression or spinal stabilization. By seeking early intervention after an FBSS diagnosis, patients can significantly improve their quality of life by mitigating pain levels and restoring mobility through a personalized treatment regimen under the guidance of experienced practitioners.

Exploring Treatment Options

Many doctors recommend spinal cord stimulators to patients who struggle to find meaningful relief from failed back surgery syndrome. Spinal cord stimulators are a modern treatment option that blocks pain signals before they reach the pain. This is an excellent treatment for patients who experience chronic back pain and have not found relief through conservative methods. 

At BEST Health System, we offer spinal cord stimulator trials so that patients can see if this treatment can effectively manage their pain. If the trial is successful, the board-certified doctors at BEST can surgically implant these devices, offering patients relief that they can rely on. Contact BEST to learn more about our neuropathy and chronic pain treatments.