The Medical Potential of Spinal Cord Stimulators

Spinal Cord Stimulators and Their Medical Applications

A spinal cord stimulator is an innovative medical device that has changed the way doctors approach the treatment of chronic pain. These devices come in many shapes and sizes and can be implanted or worn externally. Regardless of the form, these devices have the unique ability to block neuropathic pain by stopping it before it reaches the brain. Spinal cord stimulators have been found especially useful in the treatment of chronic conditions such as neuropathy, failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS), and complex regional pain syndrome. It is a common struggle for patients with these conditions to suffer from severe, debilitating chronic pain. Unfortunately, the most frustrating part of this struggle is finding a treatment method that provides sufficient relief. 

In the case that a patient’s condition cannot be reversed through surgery or conservative treatment, pain management procedures may be considered. Spinal cord stimulators do not necessarily treat the underlying condition, but they do provide meaningful relief in cases where treatment is not an option. The team at BEST Health System dedicates themselves to helping patients find meaningful relief from chronic pain. Our functional approach to medicine and healthcare ensures that patients find a solution to the underlying medical condition that is causing their discomfort. If you are suffering from chronic pain, continue reading to learn more about treatment with the BEST team. 

How Do Spinal Cord Stimulators Work to Alleviate Chronic Pain?

Spinal cord stimulators offer a modern medical solution that can provide significant relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. These devices consist of three main parts: the leads, the implanted pulse generator, and the charging/programming equipment. Before deciding to undergo surgery for a spinal cord stimulator, you must understand the anatomy of a spinal cord stimulator. 

The implanted pulse generator is a small device that somewhat resembles a pacemaker. This part of the device is responsible for creating electrical impulses that will travel through the leads. The leads help carry these electrical impulses to the epidural spaces. The final part of the device is ultimately a remote that allows patients to manage and track their device. Spinal cord stimulators have proven to be a successful way to manage chronic pain and confront it from the root. 

The Role of Spinal Cord Stimulators in Treating Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathy pain is very different from other forms of pain. Not only can this pain be more intense, but it is much more difficult to manage. Due to its complexity, the nervous system can be difficult to treat when damaged. Oftentimes, doctors recommend that neuropathy patients consider trying different medications or therapies, but they can’t find relief. Spinal cord stimulators offer an effective solution to patients experiencing debilitating neuropathy pain. 

 These devices work by delivering mild electrical impulses to mask or modify pain signals before they reach the brain, providing significant relief to patients suffering from chronic neuropathic pain conditions such as failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, and diabetic neuropathy. Various clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of SCS in reducing pain intensity and improving quality of life in refractory cases where traditional treatments have failed.

Spinal Cord Stimulators with BEST Health System 

BEST Health System offers functional neuropathy treatment to patients who suffer from severe nerve pain. We understand how debilitating conditions like FBSS, neuropathy, and complex regional pain syndrome can become. Many patients struggle to participate in their usual activities and can’t spend quality time with family and friends. Our board-certified healthcare providers are passionate about helping patients find relief from their chronic pain

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