Total Knee Arthroplasty with Dr. James Abbott

Living with Arthritis of the Knee

What is it really like living with arthritis of the knee? To begin, it’s important to fully understand what arthritis of the knee is and how it impacts the body. Patients who experience chronic pain or stiffness within the knee begin with swelling or discomfort during or after the movement of the knee joint and may receive a diagnosis of arthritis. There are over 100 different types of arthritis that could take place within the joint, but the basics of what arthritis does to the knee joint is an issue that takes place when the cushioning cartilage in the joint wears down.

Due to the variety of different causes for arthritis- starting with natural deterioration, age, or injury, it’s crucial for patients to see a physician to receive a specific diagnosis to understand the specifics of a knee arthritis condition. But what does it look like when you realize you want to receive treatment and care in order to better live with a condition like arthritis of the knee? Read about one patient’s experience down below.

Meet David.

David came to BEST Health System in August after being diagnosed with arthritis of the knee. He was experiencing leg pain and difficulty walking and knew it was time to seek help. After a trip to a vascular surgeon, it soon became apparent that he needed to find a quality orthopaedic surgeon for a total knee arthroplasty. Before the recommended procedure, David was apprehensive about undergoing surgery.

However, he felt more comfortable after speaking with BEST Health System’s premier orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Abbott. Surgery with BEST is unlike any other surgical clinic. Our minimally invasive, muscles-sparing approach to surgery allows patients to skip many aspects of surgery that would make some turn away. Most commonly, patients fear that the recovery period will keep them bedridden for too long, however, with BEST, many of our patients are up and walking the same day as the procedure. 

David’s Recovery

Prior to his procedure, David voiced that his ability to walk was his main concern. “I had difficulty walking in straight lines before the surgery because of my knees. Sometimes I would get off-balanced, and my right leg would go past my left leg to try and maintain balance. It was really uncomfortable,” he said. 

However, after David’s knee arthroplasty, he noticed his ability to walk significantly improved. In fact, many of his coworkers were impressed with his results and recovery time. David happily recalled, “everyone at work noticed that my leg is now straight. Everyone comes up to me and says, ‘wow, that looks very nice; you can walk now.’” 

At BEST Health System, we are thrilled to change our patients’ lives and give them the ability to return to their missed activities. Whether your condition prevents you from seeing the people you love or being as active as you like, BEST wants to help you. Our patients’ stories inspire us, like David’s, and they continuously remind us why we do what we do. 

David’s Experience with BEST

After David’s successful procedure, he continued to attend physical therapy to ensure a smooth recovery. A professional may recommend this to patients who undergo intensive surgery to regain balance and build muscle. As David’s physical therapy sessions concluded, he reported significant results. In fact, just months after the total knee replacement, he did not require a cane to get around. At BEST, we offer various therapies for patients seeking relief from chronic pain. This includes industrial rehabilitation programs, spine joint manual therapy, edge structural bodywork, and massage therapy, and vestibular and balance rehabilitation. 

Now, months later, David’s scheduled surgery to replace his left knee with Dr. Abbott is days away. David decided to get the other knee replaced because he saw how amazing the results were after his procedure with Dr. Abbott. BEST Health System is thrilled to work with David to help him regain the ability to walk again comfortably.

Total Knee Arthroplasty with BEST Health System

A total knee arthroplasty procedure is the replacement or repair of a weakened joint due to arthritis or a similar condition. You may wonder how this procedure differs from a total knee replacement, and there are a few key differences to keep in mind. During a knee arthroscopy procedure, the surgeon will make tiny incisions in the front of the knee to fill it with fluid. Then, the surgeon will use a small camera to navigate the joint and remove any torn cartilage or loose bodies. This procedure has a lower complication rate than the alternative surgeries, and patients report recovering faster than those who undergo a full knee replacement. 

However, a knee replacement is considered a more invasive procedure. Unlike an arthroplasty, surgeons make a 4-6 inch incision to access the knee joint. The surgeon will then cut into the femur and tibia to remove part of the kneecap. After this, an implant is cemented to the area, and a plastic spacer will act as cartilage to minimize friction. 

After learning more about the difference between a knee arthroplasty and a total knee replacement, a knee arthroplasty may seem like the obvious choice. However, depending on the patient, a total knee replacement is sometimes necessary for meaningful results. The surgeons at BEST Health System work with patients to help them find the least invasive treatment path that will allow them to find relief. 

Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. James Abbott

Dr. James Abbott is a dedicated orthopaedic surgeon and specialist at BEST Health System. He works with patients with many orthopaedic conditions to help find a solution for chronic, disabling pain. 

Dr. James Abbott is a board-certified surgeon with an impressive history in the medical field. Over the last 14 years, Dr. Abbott has averaged 220 knee and hip replacements per year. He specializes in direct anterior hip replacements and robotic-assisted total and partial knee replacements. Before coming to work at BEST, he worked at several Mercy locations and is the former Chairman of Adult Reconstruction for the Southwest Ohio region of Bon Secours Mercy Health, serving from 2016-2021, the Past Regional Orthpaedic Medical Director for North and West markets of Bon Scours Mercy Health from 2019-2021, and the former Vice-Chair of the Orthopaedic Service Line for the Southwest Ohio region of Bon Secours Mercy Health from  2020-2021.

Surgery with BEST Health System

At the BEST Health System ambulatory center and clinic, Dr. Abbott, our orthopaedic surgeon, and Dr. Girton, our spine surgeon, bring new healthcare opportunities to the Cincinnati community. Our team is excited to offer modern medical solutions to individuals looking for quality orthopaedic and spine care. In addition to our Cincinnati location, BEST has additional clinics to ensure our services are accessible to more people. Now BEST proudly offers our services in Lyndhurst, OH, and Westlake, OH. Please visit our website for more information and updates regarding the BEST expansion. 

BEST Health System is the leader in modern minimally invasive spine and orthopaedic care. Our mission is to help our patients find relief without requiring intensive surgical procedures. Instead, we endorse the use of conservative therapies and minimally invasive surgical procedures, allowing for smaller incisions and a shorter recovery time. Due to our amazing, dedicated surgeons, BEST is constantly raising the standards of spine and orthopaedic healthcare. We look forward to continuing to make a difference, one patient at a time. Contact our team to make an appointment.