Uncommon Causes of a Collapsed Disc

Understanding Collapsed Discs

A collapsed disc occurs when one of the spinal discs loses its normal height. The discs serve as shock absorbers for the spine and endure a lot of wear and tear through the years as a result. It is therefore not a surprise that age-related degeneration is the primary cause of this spinal condition. However, there are several other collapsed disc causes that you may not be aware of.

Causes of a Collapsed Disc

Some lifestyle choices that can also be considered collapsed disc causes include:

  1. Alcohol or tobacco use. Both of these substances have a dehydrating effect on the spinal discs and can cause the discs to lose water content and become brittle. Essentially, alcohol and tobacco products age the spinal discs prematurely.
  2. High-impact sports. Sports such as rugby, football, and gymnastics put a lot of pressure on the spine and can cause a disc to deteriorate or become damaged faster.
  3. A sedentary lifestyle. Although high-impact sports are rough on the spine, this does not mean physical activity should be avoided altogether. A sedentary lifestyle also harms the health of your spine.
  4. Obesity. A sedentary lifestyle can be a contributing factor to obesity, which adds to the amount of weight the spine needs to support daily.
  5. Poor posture. Poor posture, such as sitting with your shoulders hunched, can cause disproportionate levels of pressure to be placed on different parts of the spine, which can eventually cause a disc to become damaged.

Treatment Options with BEST Health System

If you believe you might have a collapsed disc, it is important to consult your medical provider. Early treatment allows patients to consider less invasive, nonsurgical options. Are you unsure of where to start with your treatment journey? Contact BEST today to learn more.