What is Hip Bursitis with BEST Health System

What is Hip Bursitis? 

Hip pain comes in many forms and sometimes it can be treated at home, but if you are dealing with constant hip pain, you may be struggling with bursitis of the hip. But how do you know if this is the condition that you have? 

Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis is a painful inflammation of the bursae that is by the hip and it is caused due to the over-stressed use of a specific area around the joints. If you have repetitive motions or prolonged irritation this may result in hip bursitis. This condition can create tenderness due to injury or overuse. 

Signs you have Hip Bursitis

As the condition progresses, the nature of the pain might change its characteristics. In the early stages of the condition, the pain may feel sharp and intense. However, as time passes, the pain may become less intense and feel more like a dull ache. The pain may also spread further across the hip and thigh area.

Many individuals commonly experience that the discomfort caused by hip bursitis intensifies during the night when they lie on the affected hip.

It may also be more intense when standing up after sitting for a long period or when walking, climbing stairs, or squatting for prolonged periods. Bursitis in the hip can lead to major mobility problems that are frequently associated with pain while moving.

Bursitis Treatment

There are many different types of hip bursitis treatments that patients can try to mitigate the symptoms of pain that come with this condition. Here are a few of the non-surgical options: 

  • Avoiding activities that trigger symptoms
  • Assistive devices such as walkers or canes
  • Physical therapy
  • Steroids injections
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs

For surgical treatment, patients often undergo arthroscopic removal of the bursa which includes surgery using a camera, or an arthroscope to guide the surgical instruments. Upon surgery, an incision is made to remove the bursa and allow the patient to recover. This is a minimally invasive procedure that patients prefer over more invasive surgery. 

Treatment With BEST

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