What is Knee Replacement Surgery

The Causes of Knee Pain

With age, knee pain becomes a common health condition that many adults suffer from. What begins as minimal, infrequent pain can quickly turn into constant chronic knee pain. If this becomes the case, you will likely want to explore treatment options to help you find relief. Knee pain is often the result of a degenerative condition such as osteoarthritis, but it can also be caused by an injury. Depending on the cause of your knee pain, you will want to organize a specific treatment plan. If you neglect to treat your knee pain for too long, your condition may worsen or become irreparable. When it comes to knee pain, being proactive in your treatment is essential to return to a healthy, active lifestyle. 

At BEST Health System, we encourage our patients to be an active part of their treatment. This is important before, during, and after their treatment plan or surgical procedure. A significant part of this is being educated on your condition and having a strong understanding of what exactly is causing your knee pain. Continue reading to learn more about conservative treatment options and knee replacement surgery with Doctor Abbott at BEST Health System. 

Conservative Treatments for Knee Pain

Oftentimes, patients can find relief from knee pain through the use of conservative therapies. In fact, after you are diagnosed with a knee condition, your doctor will typically recommend that you begin with conservative therapies. This allows the patient to manage pain and rebuild strength in the knee. Your doctor may recommend the following treatment options:

  • Physical therapy
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory pain medications
  • Lifestyle changes

Many patients are able to manage their pain through a combination of these therapies. However, if a patient does not find relief after weeks or months of conservative treatment, surgery may become an option. Due to modern medical advancements, patients now have the option to choose a minimally invasive procedure. This allows them to experience less scarring, less pain, and a shorter recovery time. 

How Long Can I Avoid a Knee Replacement?

Many patients try to avoid a knee replacement due to the long recovery period that comes with it. However, the truth is that avoiding any necessary procedure can have a very negative effect on the patient’s condition. Conservative treatments can be effective in the early stages, but after that, there is a chance the condition can worsen beyond repair. If your knee condition intensifies to the point where a knee replacement is necessary, it is important to remember that this procedure can give you your mobility back. 

A Knee Replacement Using Cori Robotics

If you decide to undergo a knee replacement procedure, it is important to do extensive research to find a surgeon you can trust. Due to significant medical advances, there are many new approaches to knee replacement procedures. Now, patients can opt for a robotics-assisted procedure which comes with many benefits. At BEST Health System, our surgeons use CORI-robotics to assist during the surgery. This technology creates a detailed model for the surgery, unique and customized to you. This allows for a more comfortable and accurate procedure. 

Dr. James Abbott is BEST Health System’s orthopaedic surgeon and specialist. He has provided countless patients with a solution to their chronic knee pain. At BEST Health System, our goal is to help our patients find the most effective, least invasive treatment option. We are proud to offer CORI-robotics to our patients so they can enjoy the benefits of minimally invasive with BEST. Contact us today to learn more.