When Does Pain Turn Into Chronic Pain?

Understanding Acute Versus Chronic Pain

It can be difficult to differentiate between acute and chronic pain, especially when the discomfort first manifests. Acute pain is characterized as sharp, sometimes stabbing pain resulting from a specific condition or injury, and it typically resolves on its own. Chronic pain, however, lasts a longer period and often requires medical intervention (conservative or surgical) to reduce. Chronic pain is often the result of a severe injury or an orthopedic, spine, or nerve-related condition that develops due to age or another reason. 

It is important that patients can recognize acute vs. chronic pain because it will help them determine the best treatment approach. While there are certain forms of pain that patients can ride out, others require immediate medical attention. 

At BEST Health System, we understand how frustrating chronic and acute pain can be, especially when you deal with it for an extended period of time. Therefore, we cater our services to patients who are in need of relief from a condition after diagnosis. 

Treatment Processes for Acute and Chronic Pain

Treatment processes of acute and chronic pain are heavily dependent on the goals of the patient and their overall health and lifestyle. For the most part, acute pain is manageable through a course of anti-inflammatory pain medications that will help patients reduce inflammation. Chronic pain, on the other hand, typically requires a more comprehensive approach that sometimes necessitates different kinds of medical imaging to identify the root cause, therapies, and sometimes surgery. 

Healthcare professionals must individualize treatment plans based on the patient’s specific needs and preferences while considering the potential risks and benefits of each intervention. Collaborative decision-making between patients and their healthcare providers plays a key role in achieving successful outcomes in pain management.

The Impact of Pain on Daily Life and Mental Health

The mental and physical struggle of chronic pain can vastly change the way that patients live their lives. The constant presence of pain can limit one’s ability to perform daily tasks, engage in social activities, and maintain a fulfilling lifestyle. This can lead to feelings of frustration, helplessness, isolation, and even depression. The persistent nature of chronic pain can also disrupt sleep patterns, impair cognitive function, and decrease overall quality of life.

Patients with chronic pain often experience the feeling of isolation as their condition worsens and they are unable to participate in their favorite activities with friends and family. Our team at BEST Health System understands this problem, and our goal is to make our patients feel comfortable engaging in these activities. 

Pain Relief with BEST Health System

BEST Health System is dedicated to helping patients find relief from their chronic and debilitating pain. We value our patients’ feelings and concerns and use this information to make their treatment plans more suitable for their unique conditions. 

For patients struggling with neuropathy or another nerve-related condition, we can help. In addition to spine and orthopedic services, we specialize in neuropathy-related care to help patients with pain. From diagnostics to spinal cord stimulator treatment, BEST has it all. Connect with us today to learn more.