Three Tips to Improve Collapsed Disc Treatment

Living with a Collapsed Disc

For many patients, collapsed disc treatment begins conservatively in an attempt to relieve the symptoms of this condition without having to undergo surgery. Conservative treatment focuses on relieving the pain and symptoms of a collapsed disc by removing pressure from the damaged disc and any nerves being constricted in the area of the collapsed disc. Typically, this type of collapsed disc treatment takes several months before lasting pain relief can be experienced. 

Improving Your Treatment Plan

Several months of collapsed disc treatment can seem like a long time when you’re dealing with chronic pain, but there are a few things you can do to help speed up your recovery. Take a moment to read through these three tips to help improve your collapsed disc treatment:

  1. Start a weight loss plan — One of the most common causes of a collapsed disc is weight gain. Added weight puts unnecessary pressure on the spine and can cause the discs in the spine to become damaged or degenerate faster than they normally would as you age. Talk to your doctor about a weight loss program to help you maintain a healthy weight and relieve some pressure on the collapsed disc. This will help expedite your treatment.
  2. Strengthen your core muscles — Since collapsed discs are no longer able to support the vertebrae and hold them in their proper alignment, it can be helpful to strengthen the muscles around the spine so that they are able to compensate for the collapsed discs. 
  3. Mix in alternative methods — Ask your doctor about mixing in alternative methods to your conservative collapsed disc treatment plan. Alternative methods can include yoga, acupuncture, and herbal medicine to help alleviate your pain. Be sure to talk to your doctor before adding any of these methods to your treatment plan.

Collapsed Disc Treatment with BEST Health System

Living with a collapsed disc can be incredibly difficult. Patients with this condition suffer from many debilitating symptoms and often struggle to participate in everyday activities. Contact BEST today if you are living with a collapsed disc. We offer a variety of treatment methods, from conservative therapies to minimally invasive surgery.