Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica symptoms can include pain that radiates along your body’s sciatic nerve and other issues. This nerve extends from your lower back to your buttocks, hips, and the backs of your legs. If the sciatic nerve is compressed, the resulting symptoms are called sciatica. One of the most common causes of sciatica is a herniated disc. Discs act as shock absorbers to your spine’s vertebrae when they are healthy. If discs become damaged or worn down, they can bulge and press on nerves in the spinal column, including the sciatic nerve. 

Common Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica symptoms vary considerably, depending on the type and severity of the underlying condition. You may feel tingling, numbness, weakness, or a dull to sharp shooting pain down the thigh and leg. Typically, the pain starts slowly and affects only one side of the body at a time, but it is possible to experience it on both sides.

Other sciatica symptoms include:

  • Difficulty sitting, standing, or walking
  • Worsening pain when you cough, laugh, or sneeze
  • Discomfort when leaning backward
  • Muscle weakness

If you’re experiencing any of these sciatica symptoms, contact your doctor. They can ask you about symptoms, perform a physical examination, and perform other diagnostic tests like an MRI and nerve conduction tests. The purpose is to diagnose the underlying cause of sciatica and to rule out other causes of these symptoms.

Sciatica Treatment Options

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