Degenerative Spine Surgery – How Long Does Recovery Take

Degenerative Spine Surgery Recovery

There’s no answer to how long it takes to recover from degenerative spine surgery. In fact, it’s tough to even pinpoint an accurate timeframe to consider. For this reason, if you’re thinking about spine surgery, be sure to check with your physician and/or surgeon for a personalized estimate. There are several factors that will consider in giving you an approximate recovery time. 

How Extensive is Your Spinal Condition

As a result of the wide range of degenerative spine conditions, the scope of the procedure also varies. If you are considering surgery that may require work at multiple levels of the spine, for example, your recovery time will likely be longer than someone having an operation at a single level. 

How Healthy Are You 

Overall health is a factor that is always considered before a surgical procedure. Sometimes, a severe health condition may deter a surgeon from performing a procedure. This is because it increases the risk of complications or could hamper the recovery. In general people with better overall health tend to recover more quickly. Tobacco use is another factor to consider. Because it can interfere with blood circulation and thus slow recovery, many surgeons request that their patients stop using tobacco entirely before and after surgery. 

What Kind of Surgery Are You Having

Another variable that can have a tremendous impact on degenerative spine surgery recovery time is the surgical approach the procedure uses. For example, as compared to traditional open neck and back procedures, BEST Health System’s minimally invasive surgeries are a safer and more effective alternative. In fact, our patients are often up and walking within a few hours of the surgery. Thanks to our minimally invasive approach, recovery times can often be reduced – although every patient’s experience will differ. 

If you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for our procedures, contact BEST Health System today.