Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Explained

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is a complicated condition that takes place after a patient has experienced corrective back surgery. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, also known as FBSS can be just as painful as before back surgery, disappointing to many patients who spent time, energy, and effort into their procedure, only to find that it failed as a solution to an injury or degeneration within the back. 

How To Know if You Have Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Patients who receive back surgery for conditions such as a spinal fusion, a minimally invasive spine procedure, an artificial disc replacement, may feel as thought they have a positive experience of recovery immediately after surgery. The body doesn’t hurt in the same locaations, and for the most part the back is healing from the surgery. But as time progresses, the patient realizes that symptoms are returning and getting worse. 

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Spinal Cord Stimulation for FBSS

SCS (spinal cord stimulation) is a therapeutic technique used to treat chronic pain patients. During this treatment, a medical device is implanted to stimulate the nerves and send electrical signals to prevent the brain from interpreting nerve pain. Before committing to an implanted SCS, patients undergo a trial period where they can test out the device to determine whether it effectively manages their pain. A permanent device can be implanted if patients notice substantial relief for failed back surgery syndrome.

You may be wondering how these devices function, and we are here to help you understand. Although all spinal cord stimulator devices vary in nature, they all follow generally the same guidelines. Three parts make up SCS devices: the generator, the leads, and the remote control or charging pieces. The generator creates electrical impulses which are sent out to nerves through the leads. These pulses interfere with the pain and offer relief from extreme discomfort. They can change the electrical impulses based on their level of nerve pain using their remote control. This is ideal for failed back surgery syndrome as a treatment.

Spinal Cord Stimulation with BEST Health System

BEST Health System is proud to offer premium spinal cord stimulator treatment to patients experiencing chronic pain or neuropathy. When patients are diagnosed with neuropathy or another chronic condition, we help them get back on their feet.
If weeks or months past your initial date of surgery takes place with zero back pain relief, contact BEST Health System to take the next step toward pain relief.