From X-Rays to MRIs – A Guide to Imaging Technology

What is Medical Imaging Technology?

Medical imaging refers to the sophisticated technology used to capture internal images of the body’s structures. This is incredibly important when it comes to the diagnostic and treatment processes. Depending on the concern, a doctor can make an informed suggestion on what imaging modality will offer the most comprehensive assessment. 

The world of medical imaging is constantly evolving and creating new medical opportunities. Imaging technology has helped doctors diagnose a broad range of conditions, from fractures to cancerous tumors. Now, medical imaging is playing a significant role in the surgical process, as well. Surgeons can use endoscopic imaging to evaluate the target area without the need for a large incision. To put it simply, medical imaging has completely changed the healthcare industry as we know it.

At BEST Health System, we are proud to use the latest technology to provide our patients with the best experience. Whether patients are looking for diagnostic imagery or a minimally invasive procedure, BEST has you covered. Continue reading to learn about different imaging modalities and what they can accomplish. 

The Evolution of Medical Imaging

The first significant discovery in terms of medical imaging was the microscope, invented in the 16th Century. This allowed doctors to closely observe cells and introduced the idea of cell theory. Since then, new technology has been created, giving doctors the ability to offer more accurate and informed diagnoses. 

Although we are likely all familiar with X-ray technology and CT scans, do you know about the more modern advances? At BEST Health System, we are proud to offer the most advanced imaging modalities so our patients can receive the most accurate diagnoses and least invasive procedures. 

Imaging Technology at BEST

BEST Health System offers three different imaging modalities that can be used to diagnose and treat numerous conditions. Understanding the different features of each modality can help you be a more informed and active patient. 

X-Ray Technology

X-ray technology is one of the most well-known imaging modalities because it can be used for a variety of conditions. This process uses high-energy electromagnetic radiation to create a high-quality image of the body including bones, organs, and other structures. X-ray technology is one of the most diverse imaging modalities because it can be used by many different medical professionals. If you visit the dentist annually, chances are you have had X-ray images taken of your teeth. 

At BEST Health System, we use X-ray technology to provide insight on orthopaedic and spine conditions. This can give our medical professionals important information necessary to move forward with an effective treatment plan. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic resonance imaging, commonly referred to as MRI, is an imaging process that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce images of the body’s internal structures. This modality is different from an X-ray because it does not use ionizing radiation, which can become potentially harmful if overused. Additionally, this modality offers insight into soft tissue structures including the heart, brain, and other internal organs. They can also help to diagnose tumors, bone fractures, and some neurological disorders. This medical imaging modality is safe for most individuals but may be off-limits for people with some internal metal structures.

Vertebral Motion Analysis

Vertebral motion analysis is a modern imaging modality that allows medical professionals to analyze the spine in motion in real-time. Rather than creating internal images, this modality makes dynamic video X-rays to assess the spine in different positions. Using this information, the doctor can offer more informed diagnoses and treatment plans. BEST Health System is proud to offer vertebral motion analysis as it allows our medical professionals to offer patients the most effective treatment. 

Medical Imaging with BEST Health System

BEST Health System is a modern ambulatory center offering minimally invasive spine and orthopaedic treatment. We firmly believe that all patients deserve to find the least invasive, most effective treatment option. 
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