How Iovera Can Help Patients

What is Iovera Treatment?

At BEST, our primary goal is to ensure our patients are at ease during each step of their treatment. Whether this is conservative therapy or a surgical procedure, our patients’ comfort is our top priority. Therefore, BEST is proud to offer Iovera treatment to combat pain usually experienced by a surgery like a knee repair or replacement. You may be wondering – how does Iovera able to prohibit pain signals from being sent? Well, the technology uses cold therapy, also known as cryoneurolysis, to achieve cryoanalgesia, a state where nerves are temporarily blocked. To put it simply, Iovera technology uses very cold temperatures to temporarily numb the area and prevent pain signals from sending. 

The Iovera system uses a small device to target specific nerves with cold temperatures and block pain during surgery. Unlike traditional narcotic medications, Iovera is precise and can pinpoint the exact nerve to numb for recognizable results. AT BEST Health System, we most commonly utilize Iovera technology during procedures that may otherwise result in postoperative pain. This includes during a full or partial knee arthroplasty or a full or partial knee replacement. In some cases, this treatment can be used as a stand-alone therapy to help patients experiencing intense pain from osteoarthritis of the knee or a related condition. 

BEST Health System is a spine and orthopaedic outpatient ambulatory center. We utilize modern, innovative medical technology to offer patients an experience different from a traditional surgery center. Our dedicated surgeons specialize in minimally invasive surgical procedures, allowing patients to enjoy a shorter recovery time and less risk of infection, all on an outpatient basis. Continue reading to learn more about how BEST uses Iovera treatment and what it could mean for you. 

Are you Experiencing Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be one of the most debilitating, yet unfortunately common, experiences as we age. The most frustrating part is that it seems almost inescapable. Doctors warn that too much activity can exacerbate knee pain, but too little activity can cause it in the long term. So the question is – is there even a way to prevent this from happening? Unfortunately, there is not a play-by-play guide that outlines what a healthy lifestyle looks like, and even if there was, all bodies are different and will respond to activity and diets uniquely. Additionally, the primary cause of knee conditions, specifically osteoarthritis, is natural wear and tear over time. Therefore, if you have not yet experienced knee pain, the best thing to do is live a healthy lifestyle and work out in a way that makes you feel your best. 

If you have been experiencing knee pain for a prolonged period, it is important to seek help so you can prevent it from worsening with time. Typically, upon the first visit to an orthopaedic specialist, the specialist will go over your symptoms and order imaging. This will allow them to see what is really going on and they can then suggest treatment accordingly. Many times, knee pain is treated through a combination of physical therapy and over-the-counter nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory medications. This will allow patients to control their pain while working on ways to manage it. In addition to physical therapy, patients reporting knee pain can sometimes benefit from these therapies as well:

  • Cold therapy
  • Compression and elevation
  • Weight loss
  • Controlled exercise
  • Rest

 In the event that a patient does not find relief from conservative therapies, surgery may become an option. 

Knee Surgery with Dr. James Abbott

Dr. James Abbott is BEST Health System’s orthopaedic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive surgical procedures. His primary goal is to help patients find relief from chronic pain through minimally invasive procedures. Now, through the use of Iovera technology, BEST patients have a new option when it comes to managing pain during surgery. 

At BEST Health System, Iovera technology is a significant step during a full or partial knee replacement or a full or partial knee arthroplasty procedure. Surgeons also use it to make postoperative life less painful and more efficient. If you are still unsure about Iovera technology, check out the reasons why we recommend it to our valued patients.

  • “77% of patients reported continued pain relief 90 days after treatment.”
  • “Patients who chose Iovera had a greater range of motion, less difficulty straightening their bent knee, and less difficulty bending their straight knee.”
  • “45% fewer opioids needed after 12 weeks of surgery.”
  • “68% fewer opioids consumed during hospital stay after surgery.”

BEST Health System is constantly looking for new ways our patients can be comfortable during treatment. We are proud to offer Iovera technology to our patients during treatment so they can enjoy a less painful procedure and a more enjoyable recovery. Contact BEST Health System today and ask about our knee procedures using Iovera technology.