Maintaining a Positive Outlook During Neuropathy Treatment

Living with a Neuropathy Condition

Neuropathy, of any kind, is the kind of medical condition that can completely change the course of your life. Patients with advanced neuropathy often experience severe, debilitating symptoms that are not visibly noticeable to other individuals. This experience can be incredibly isolating, as it is difficult for patients to express their concerns to their friends and family since the symptoms do not necessarily have apparent physical indications. 

Neuropathy symptoms can drastically vary depending on the patient and the type of neuropathy. Regardless of the type of neuropathy a patient has, the unfortunate truth is that nerve damage is irreversible. This means that treatment focuses on a combination of preventative lifestyle changes and pain management. Living a fulfilling life with neuropathy is possible and patients are typically able to engage in the activities they love most. 

At BEST Health System, it is our overall goal to ensure that our patients are comfortable and happy with their treatment process. Continue reading to learn about how patients can live a fulfilling lifestyle while undergoing treatment for a chronic condition like neuropathy. 

Managing Neuropathy Symptoms

Effectively managing neuropathy symptoms and preventing further nerve damage requires a combination of lifestyle modifications and pain management methods. After initial diagnosis, doctors typically explain to patients that lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, smoking, and alcohol consumption may need to change to prevent further nerve damage. Small adjustments such as adding more whole foods into your meal plan and limiting alcohol intake can make a huge difference in how the body functions. 

In terms of managing pain, there are a few different approaches depending on the patient’s unique condition. Most of the time, doctors will recommend a combination of physical therapy and pain medications to help patients get back on their feet in a comfortable environment. Since many neuropathy patients struggle with leg tingling and numbness, the physical therapist can help patients complete everyday movements while living with this discomfort. Oftentimes, this combination of treatments can bring patients substantial relief from their neuropathy. 

If Conservative Treatments are Ineffective…

In cases where conservative therapies do not offer relief, patients should return to their specialist to learn about further treatment. Spinal cord stimulators are a modern treatment option that masks pain signals before they are sent to the brain. This allows patients to continue living their lives with neuropathy without experiencing the debilitating pain signals. 

Spinal cord stimulation is a modern treatment that involves the surgical implantation of a battery pack into the lower spine. This device is attached to tiny wires that send nerve impulses to the spinal cord. By stimulating the nerves that typically experience pain, patients can manage their discomfort and experience meaningful relief that is otherwise not possible. 

At BEST Health System, we specialize in advanced neuropathy care. We understand and empathize with patients who have been diagnosed with any form of neuropathy. Therefore, we are passionate about helping them find meaningful relief from their condition and return to a fulfilling life. 

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