Nonsurgical Treatments for FBSS

Nonsurgical Treatments for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) describes the symptoms caused by complications related to an unsuccessful spine surgery. This is a broad term because the specific nature of the symptoms and the cause of a failed back surgery can be so wide-ranging. A few of the common causes for FBSS include misdiagnosis of the underlying condition, nerve damage caused by a surgical error, or rejection of surgical implants.

This is an understandably frustrating condition to deal with since patients elect neck or back surgery with the expectation that it will relieve the chronic pain that is disrupting their lives. Adding to the stress and anxiety is the question of whether another surgery will be required to correct the first procedure. Similar to other conditions that cause neck or back pain, treatment for FBSS usually begins with a course of nonsurgical treatment options. We hope that by learning more about the conservative options typically recommended for failed back surgery syndrome treatment, you can have peace of mind as you work with your doctor to find the quality of life you deserve.

Common Conservative Treatments for FBSS

Diagnosing failed back surgery syndrome is difficult because it can be hard to distinguish issues caused by a surgical problem from some of the normal aches and pains experienced during recovery. A doctor may begin to suspect FBSS if symptoms are still present around three months after surgery, but it can sometimes take as long as a year.

Most failed back surgery syndrome treatments will begin with a combination of non-surgical options such as the following:

  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological pain management techniques
  • Pain medication
  • Spinal injections
  • Massage therapy

Patients dealing with FBSS may also seek out alternative treatment options such as acupuncture or chiropractic adjustment.

When Should I Consider Surgery?

Every person is unique, but many people can find lasting relief from nonsurgical failed back surgery syndrome treatment. However, you may be recommended to consider another spine surgery if weeks or months of treatment do not improve symptoms, or if they suddenly worsen.
BEST Health System is the leader in spinal cord stimulator treatment for patients with chronic pain conditions. Failed back surgery syndrome is a complex condition because there is no specific solution that works for all patients. At BEST, we work closely with patients to help them find a treatment path that works for them. Contact us today to start your treatment plan.