Recovery After Bone Spur Surgery

Diagnosing and Treating a Bone Spur

If you’ve been diagnosed with a spinal bone spur that’s causing pain or other debilitating symptoms, you may be weighing the pros and cons of undergoing surgery to achieve pain relief. Bone spurs in the neck or back can cause severe pain, muscle weakness in your arms or legs, and stiffness that can prevent you from going about your routine daily activities. Usually, this occurs when a bone spur puts pressure on the spinal cord or an adjacent nerve root. Doctors typically encourage patients with painful bone spurs to try conservative treatments, such as anti-inflammatory medications and stretching exercises, for several weeks or months before considering surgery as a treatment option. Many patients experience sufficient symptom relief through conservative treatments, but some may need surgery to address the underlying cause of their painful nerve compression.

One of the many factors to consider when deciding to pursue bone spur surgery is your expected recovery time. Any type of surgery will require patients to restrict their activities following the procedure, and in the case of spine surgery, that will likely mean several weeks away from work and household chores. You will also face restrictions on driving, which means you’ll need to arrange for transportation to and from follow-up appointments.

Factors that Affect the Recovery from Bone Spur Surgery

The expected recovery time for any type of surgery will vary according to each patient and the circumstances surrounding the procedure. Your doctor is your best resource for providing an estimate of your recovery time. Some of the factors that she or he will likely consider include:

  • Your age and general health and fitness
  • Where in the neck or back the bone spur is located
  • The specific procedure that will be performed to relieve the painful nerve compression

Minimally Invasive Surgery with BEST Health System

It is important to consider minimally invasive alternatives to traditional bone spur surgery. Minimally invasive surgery with BEST Health System promises a shorter recovery time and smaller incisions.
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