Six Common Facet Syndrome Symptoms

What is Facet Syndrome?

Symptoms of lumbar facet syndrome can be mild to severe and are caused by both local joint inflammation and compression of spinal material by swollen joints and bone spurs. By better understanding the symptoms caused by this condition, you can be a more engaged and educated patient if this condition is affecting your life.

Lumbar facet syndrome refers to the group of symptoms that occur due to age-related breakdown of the facet joints in the lumbar (lower) region of the spine. Because the lower back carries so much weight and enables basic upper body movement, the facet joints in this spinal segment are particularly prone to developing this condition.

At BEST Health System, our goal is to help patients find the most effective, least invasive treatment option. Facet syndrome can manifest many symptoms throughout the body. If you experience any of the symptoms below to a debilitating point, it may be time to seek medical attention.

Common Facet Syndrom Symptoms

Commonly reported symptoms include:

  1. Local aches and pain — caused by the grinding of the exposed joints and irritation of local nerve endings.
  2. Joint stiffness — caused by hardened ligaments and the wearing down of cartilage.
  3. Crepitus — a popping or grinding sensation caused by the facet joints.
  4. Shooting pains — caused by compression of the spinal cord or nerve root by a bone spur facet joint.
  5. Muscle weakness — another neuropathic symptom caused by nerve compression.
  6. Tingling and numbness — can occur all the way down to the toes for lumbar facet syndrome.

In addition to localized symptoms in the lower back, lumbar facet syndrome can cause symptoms in the hips, buttocks, legs, and feet.

Treatment with Dr. Keith Girton

Upon diagnosis, treatment for lumbar facet syndrome typically begins conservatively. This includes options like rest, medication, physical therapy, facet injections, and lifestyle changes like posture improvement. You may be recommended to consult with a surgeon if nonsurgical options have been exhausted without relief.

At BEST Health System’s Cincinnati location, Dr. Keith Girton is our premier spine surgeon. He dedicates time to helping patients find a treatment option that is most comfortable for them. Dr. Keith Girton works closely with patients to for a solution that aligns with their lifestyle.

Consider the minimally invasive procedures at BEST if you are looking for surgery. This allows for smaller incisions and a quicker recovery, all on an outpatient basis. Contact us today to learn more.