Spinal Cord Stimulator Surgery with BEST Health System

Are You Suffering from Chronic Pain?

Living with chronic pain is an ongoing battle that affects every aspect of one’s life. Individuals suffering from chronic pain face daily challenges, both physically and emotionally. The persistent nature of the condition often leads to a constant feeling of discomfort, making even simple tasks seem daunting. Painkillers and other medications might provide temporary relief but can also lead to dependency or undesirable side effects. 

BEST Health System is passionate about helping patients find lasting relief from their chronic pain. Our board-certified doctors are experienced in diagnostics and testing, to pinpoint the root cause of a patient’s chronic pain. 

How Do Spinal Cord Stimulators Work?

A spinal cord stimulator is a surgically implanted device that is placed under the skin to block pain signals. This device is commonly offered to patients experiencing chronic pain as the result of neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, and failed back surgery syndrome. Spinal cord stimulators can help patients with various types of chronic pain, including back pain and pain that extends into the extremities. 

Before considering a spinal cord stimulator as a solution for chronic pain, patients must understand exactly how it works. The device is made of three main components: a pulse generator, leads with electrodes, and a remote control. The pulse generator is surgically implanted under the skin, typically in the abdominal or buttock region. The leads with electrodes are carefully placed alongside the spinal cord, targeting specific areas based on the patient’s pain pattern. Once activated, these electrodes generate electrical pulses that alter the perception of pain by effectively blocking its pathway to prevent it from being perceived by the brain. 

How Can BEST Health System Help You Find Relief From Chronic Pain?

BEST Health System is a modern ambulatory center offering premium care to patients with persistent chronic pain. Whether you are suffering from neuropathy, failed back surgery syndrome, or complex regional pain syndrome, BEST can help. We offer spinal cord stimulation trials, where patients can enjoy the benefits of these devices without surgical implantation. If patients notice a significant difference, they can schedule a permanent device surgery with BEST. Connect with us to learn more about our approach to chronic pain.