What are Common Neuropathy Indicators?

Understanding Common Neuropathy Symptoms

Neuropathy, commonly referred to as nerve damage, is a common condition that affects many people, specifically those with diabetes and other conditions. Symptoms of neuropathy, including pain, numbness, and tingling, are caused by damaged nerves that send unnecessary pain signals. This results in patients experiencing relentless pain even though the area has not been injured. This condition can be very frustrating for patients as there is no specific solution for neuropathy pain. Preventing the condition from worsening is often reliant on making healthier lifestyle choices.

There are many different kinds of neuropathy, and patients must understand the differences between each type. Depending on the specific condition, there are different treatments that patients may consider. If you experience any of the symptoms that we discuss, it is important to consult your doctor to ensure you are receiving proper treatment and care. 

BEST Health System is a modern healthcare provider offering premium care to patients experiencing chronic pain. We believe that patient education is vital to successful treatment. Continue reading to learn more about common indicators of neuropathy, as well as treatment options with BEST. 

Common Indicators of Neuropathy

Patients who are at risk of developing neuropathy should educate themselves on common neuropathy symptoms so they know when it is necessary to seek medical attention. Identifying neuropathy in the early stages can allow patients to find a neuropathy specialist early on, which can help them prevent the stages of neuropathy from worsening. 

The most common and talked about symptom of this condition is radiating pain in the extremities (the feet and hands).  These sensations often progress slowly and may be accompanied by a burning or shooting pain. Muscle weakness and loss of coordination are also frequent manifestations, making daily tasks challenging for individuals affected by neuropathy. Additionally, the presence of autonomic symptoms, like dizziness upon standing or difficulty regulating blood pressure, can serve as warning signs. Moreover, certain individuals may experience alterations in their sweat patterns and heightened sensitivity to touch or temperature changes. Recognizing these common indicators allows healthcare professionals to promptly diagnose neuropathy and devise appropriate treatment plans aimed at alleviating discomfort and slowing disease progression.

Treatment with BEST Health System

BEST Health System is a modern healthcare provider offering advanced neuropathy and chronic pain care. Our goal for treatment is always to help our patients find a treatment option that they are comfortable with and that provides effective relief. We offer spinal cord stimulators as a treatment option to patients who experience debilitating pain as the result of a chronic condition. Are you interested in finding relief for your chronic pain? Connect with BEST Health System today to learn more.