What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Understanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a challenging condition characterized by severe chronic pain that typically affects a specific limb. Patients need to understand CRPS and its complexities so they are prepared for the symptoms and the potential treatments that may become necessary. This condition is believed to arise from the malfunction of the peripheral and central nervous systems. This causes distorted pain signaling and exaggerated inflammatory responses. Patients with this condition often struggle to manage their pain through at-home methods, such as anti-inflammatory pain medications. If you have not been diagnosed with CRPS but presume you may have it, it is important to schedule diagnostic testing. 

BEST Health System is a modern health center with locations throughout Ohio. We understand the complexities of nerve pain and have witnessed how it can negatively impact patients. We are dedicated to helping patients overcome their struggle with nerve pain through conservative and functional medicine approaches. 

Diagnosing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Diagnosing complex regional pain syndrome requires a comprehensive and functional approach from a board-certified healthcare professional. The doctor will assess the patient’s symptoms, such as spontaneous or exaggerated pain, temperature changes, swelling, and skin color abnormalities. Additionally, other potential causes of the symptoms should be ruled out through imaging tests like X-rays, bone scans, or magnetic resonance imaging to ensure that CRPS is indeed the correct diagnosis.

At-Home Treatment Options

There are a range of at-home treatment options that patients can utilize to manage their CRPS. The overall goal of at-home treatment to to minimize nerve pain and prevent the condition from worsening. Patients should consider the following options after being diagnosed with CRPS:

  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Lifestyle changes, such as diet and limiting alcohol consumption
  • Yoga, and other low-impact exercises

Spinal Cord Stimulator Treatment with BEST Health System

Surgery may become an option for CRPS if at-home treatments do not provide sufficient relief. At BEST Health System, we offer spinal cord stimulator treatment to help patients find relief from relentless discomfort. Spinal cord stimulators offer an excellent solution to nerve pain, as they block the pain signals before they can reach the brain. 

BEST Health System offers spinal cord stimulators to help patients find relief from nerve-related pain. Contact our team today to learn more about our approach to complex regional pain syndrome treatment.