Why Does Neuropathy Occur? BEST Explains

If you or someone you know has struggled with neuropathy for far too long, drug-free treatment with BEST may be the solution you are looking for.

Neuropathy occurs due to damage or dysfunction in the nerves of the peripheral nervous system. There are several potential causes of neuropathy, including diabetes, autoimmune diseases, infections, and trauma. In diabetes, for example, high levels of blood sugar can damage the small blood vessels that supply nutrients to the nerves, leading to neuropathy. Autoimmune diseases cause the immune system to mistakenly attack healthy nerves, resulting in inflammation and damage.

Infections such as shingles or Lyme disease can directly infect the nerves, causing nerve damage. Trauma, such as a sports injury or car accident, can physically damage nerves and lead to neuropathy.

In addition to these common causes, certain medications, toxins, and vitamin deficiencies can also lead to neuropathy. Chemotherapy drugs, for instance, can cause nerve damage as a side effect of treating cancer. Toxins such as heavy metals, solvents, or pesticides can damage nerves when exposed in high doses.

Vitamin deficiencies, particularly of B vitamins like B12, can lead to nerve damage as these vitamins are essential for the health and functioning of nerves. Understanding and addressing the underlying cause of neuropathy is crucial for effective treatment and management of the condition.

Neuropathy Treatment at BEST

At BEST Health System we have a range of locations across the country. From Florida to Ohio to Arizona to Illinois, we treat patients who are struggling with neuropathy symptoms.

BEST offers a unique treatment service for drug-resistant patients or patients who do not want to be reliant on long-term medication. Spinal cord stimulation treatment is a great FDA-approved drug-free treatment that provides over 70 % of patients with relief.

Spinal cord stimulators, also known as SCS, offer a window into the future of chronic pain relief. Using these devices, patients can experience up to 100% relief from chronic pain, neuropathy symptoms, and regain an active lifestyle. Moreover, spinal cord stimulation allows patients to control their pain management plan ideal for neuropathy treatment.

These devices are programmable, meaning that healthcare providers can adjust their settings when patients’ pain levels shift. The fact that patients have more control over their medical treatment is one of the most desirable aspects of SCS. 

Our Healthcare Professionals at BEST

Patients want to feel like they matter. Here’s how we prioritize our patients: we take our time seeing each of our patients and make sure we don’t run in and out of the patient’s rooms for only a moment. Especially for neuropathy patients, patients are only seen for a few minutes at a time by their actual doctor and then handed off to a nurse to go over the treatment details or follow-up information. 

We understand how impersonal and dismissive that can feel especially if you are placing your trust in a physician. All of our staff work tirelessly to make our patients feel welcomed, understood, and listened to.

Clear Diagnosis and Treatment

At BEST we understand that patients have a lot of questions. What is your diagnosis and how did we arrive at that conclusion? Our patients need to be well-informed and feel like they have all of the facts in front of them, especially when it comes to a complex condition such as neuropathy. 

Neuropathy patients typically have a range of symptoms that can feel scattered, but once they receive their diagnosis, we like to walk our patients through the process of how we obtained the diagnosis and what they can do at home along with our treatment options.

Treatment With BEST

Neuropathy is a long term condition that needs hands on help to manage and is not necessarily “fixable” and therefore require treatments that focus on managing pain. Are you suffering from nerve pain that has not responded to traditional medications? BEST Health System can help you. Contact us today to learn more about our modern SCS program.