Yoga Poses for Individuals with Arthritis

Conservatively Treating Arthritis

Your arthritis of the spine treatment does not have to include surgery or pain medication. While these options can be beneficial, some people prefer a more natural treatment route to ease the pain and stiffness of this condition. Fortunately, one of the best natural forms of arthritis of the spine treatment is gentle and restorative yoga. Yoga allows the spine to lengthen and can strengthen the muscles around the spine to help support the body’s weight, which can alleviate the pressure on the spine’s arthritic joints. 

Before beginning any type of arthritis of the spine treatment, it is important for you to discuss your treatment options with your doctor. While yoga is often an effective treatment for arthritis of the spine, there may be other options that better fit your specific condition or that your doctor would recommend combining with your yoga practice. 

Yoga Poses to Help Arthritis of the Spine

The following yoga poses can be performed at any level and help to ease the pain of spinal arthritis. Discuss these poses with your doctor to determine if they are the best methods of spinal arthritis treatment for you.

  • Child’s pose – Rest with your knees on the floor and your feet beneath your buttocks. Slowly bring your forehead to the mat in front of you. If you cannot reach your forehead to the mat, try stacking your fists on the mat and resting your forehead on your hands for a more comfortable position. Hold for ten seconds.
  • Downward facing dog – This pose is great for arthritis of the spine treatment because it lengthens the entirety of the spine, from cervical to lumbar. Begin this pose by pacing your hands and feet on the ground, with your pelvis lifted toward the ceiling. While keeping your pelvis lifted, as if you are forming a triangle with your body, slowly shift your weight backward and try to place your heels flat on the floor. Keep your arms straight on the floor and in line with your shoulders and spine.
  • Bridge pose – Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Rest your arms by your sides. Firmly plant your feet into the floor and lift your pelvis upward, trying to create a 90-degree angle between your thighs and your calves. This pose is a great arthritis of the spine treatment because it helps to strengthen the core muscles and relieve stress on the spine.

Further Treatment with BEST Health System

If conservative treatment methods, such as yoga, are not effective, you may be a candidate for surgery. It is always important to discuss all your options with your primary care physician to ensure you have decided on the best treatment route. 

At BEST Health System, we believe in taking the least invasive surgery route. Due to medical advances, intense open-back surgery is no longer the norm. In fact, at BEST, we are able to perform minimally invasive procedures with just a 1-inch incision. Contact us today to learn more about treatment with BEST Health System.