Meniscus Repair

Meniscus Repair Surgery

Meniscus tears are a common injury that occurs in the joint. The menisci are C-shaped pieces of cartilage, two in each knee, that help to cushion the joint and provide stability. While they are tough, repetitive strain or sudden trauma and twisting can cause them to tear. The most serious tears require meniscus repair surgery.

The decision to undergo knee surgery should be made on an informed basis. To get a clearer picture of this procedure, consider the following guide.

Considering Meniscus Repair

In the majority of cases, meniscus tears do not require surgery. This is particularly true for minor tears outside of the meniscus, which tend to heal quicker. Upon diagnosis of a tear, physicians typically recommend a course of nonsurgical treatments. This can include rest, changing daily activities, over-the-counter medication, ice, and physical therapy. It is very important not to overexert your knee when recovering from a meniscus tear, as it can worsen the injury. 

Meniscus repair surgery can become an option in the following situations:

  • A tear occurs in the inner portion of the meniscus, which receives less blood flow
  • Pain and mobility problems are severe and affect daily activities
  • A less serious tear worsens
  • Symptoms are not responding to conservative treatments and the tear is not healing


There is a range of approaches to meniscus repair surgery, and procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis with an arthroscope and minimally invasive techniques. Generally, the objective is to reach the meniscus in the knee and perform a repair of the tear and/or remove a small piece of the damaged meniscus disrupting movement. 

After the surgery, the postoperative team will provide full recovery and rehabilitation instructions. This will include guidelines on how to care for the incision and when to resume activities. Recovery for a meniscus repair varies, with many patients requiring anywhere from one to three months or longer. It is important to stay as active as safely possible, with physical therapy being an essential part of the recovery period. 

Surgery Cost

The cost of meniscus repair surgery can depend on the type and extent of the procedure performed and the insurance provider. Medicare will cover meniscus repair surgery if ordered by a physician as a necessary part of treatment. BEST Health System works with Medicare, most private health insurances, workers’ compensation claims, and personal injury cases. 

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